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Preserve Season: Sept. 1st – March 31st
7 Days A Week
Quail, Chukar, Pheasant Hunts
Can accomodate minimum of 22 hunts
Membership Fee: $500 per year   Corporate Membership: $1000 per year (up to 3 Persons)
Includes Hunting Preserve privileges, use of the dog training area and comforts of the lodge.  
Guide and Dog Fee per Hunt   Dressing And Packaging
$60 plus gratuity   Quail: $2.00
Birds harvested over and above a minimum hunt will be at no additional charge.   Chukar: $3.00
Quail: $9 (minimum of 10 birds per gun)   Pheasant: $4.00
Chukar: $15 (minimum of 6 birds per gun)   (plus gratuity)
Pheasant: $22 (minimum of 4 birds per gun)    
Guest Fee    
$15 per gun per hunt    
Doc Pete’s Place – Approximately 260 acres with numerous small fields and plenty of brush rows on slightly rolling terrain. This is just a superb farm with several small ponds and a creek for watering the dogs. This property can accommodate one hunt at a time. preserve_preserve_7
 Wilson Bottoms Farm – Very scenic farm on the Big River with about 500 acres of mostly open ground. This farm features some nice draws with excellent natural cover and will accommodate three hunts at a time.  preserve_preserve_4
Bruns Farm – A century old farm in Franklin County that borders the Meramec and Little Meramec with 800 plus acres. We can accommodate four hunts at a time.  preserve_preserve_6
Wally’s Place – 500 acres in Franklin County. Level Walking and good cover preservephotos_BIRD9
Wil-Nor Field – Good for small hunts. Natural cover.  preservephotos_BIRD2

In order to ensure that all of the members receive equal access to the hunting facilities, all hunts are booked on a reservation basis. While it is understandable that circumstances may arise which warrant reservation cancellations, notification of cancellation must be made within 24 hours of the scheduled reservation. If birds are released, members will be charged. Prices subject to change.